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Halkidiki is situated southeast of Thessaloniki and consists of 3 peninsulas Kassandra, Sithonia and Athos "Holy Mountain". It is a unique place because it has beautiful sandy beaches and lush forests. Halkidiki also has many important historical and archaeological sites, as the world's historical and religious monument, Mount Athos.

Daphne Holiday Club is ideal for holidays in Halkidiki. The peninsula of Halkidiki, Kassandra is the most bustling and cosmopolitan than the other two. It is the most developed tourist area and has the most hotels in Halkidiki, like restaurants, nightclubs, scenic mountain and coastal villages in Macedonia. The hike in the forests of Kassandra covering green hills, is ideal for you if you're a lover of nature. There are special walks for those interested in mountain exploration.

Halkidiki attractions

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